Dave Filoni Talks Ahsoka’s Return In ‘Rebels’ & The World Between Worlds

Dave Filoni spoke with CinemaBlend about Ezra, Ahsoka, and the world between worlds….

In the “World Between Worlds” episode of Star Wars Rebels, Ezra gained entrance into the Jedi temple on Lothal through a Force portal and discovered himself in a place where he had the potential to impact the past as well as the present and future, if the voices were anything to go by. Given the opportunity to stop Ahsoka from dying in her duel with Vader, Ezra yanked her to safety in the world between worlds, leaving Vader in the collapsing temple on Malachor alone.

Filoni said “Is it an actual physical place? I’m not going to say. Is it in his mind? I’m not going to say. He experiences that world several times in the series. He’s just not capable of seeing its fullest expression until the fourth and final season. I will say, in the first season, when he receives his lightsaber crystal, he is in that similar space, but he’s just at the very beginning of his journey into that consciousness or place. And as he is opened up to the idea of the Force and accepts a greater connection with the world around him, he experiences it each time he goes back into the temple in a different way, in a larger way. He takes his first step into a larger world. So I thought it created an interesting space and an interesting opportunity to have him be a part of helping Ahsoka out of her situation with Darth Vader. You needed something implausible to make it plausible that she could escape Vader, otherwise Vader is going to destroy her. There was no doubt in my mind.”

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