Dave Filoni Discusses Possiblility Of A New Animated Movie

Dave Filoni has been talking about the possibility of a new Star Wars animated film being made.

Both the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels series became beloved by fans and integral pieces of lore for the galaxy far, far away, with both shows being the brainchildren of producer Dave Filoni. Another similarity is each series kicked off with initial episodes being compiled together for kick-off events, with Rebels‘ first two episodes being referred to as the “Spark of Rebellion” while initial plans for Clone Wars were compiled for a theatrically-released film that essentially served as the series’ pilot. Whether or not an animated Star Wars feature film could ever come to fruition, Filoni knows that fans appreciate the medium as much as a live-action adventure.

“I think the one thing that we’ve been able to achieve with the Star Wars animation we’ve done is that the people, the fans really accept it as part of the story, and the medium doesn’t matter to the vast majority of them,” Filoni shared with ComicBook.com. “Where sometimes people look at animation and think of it as something other, or something different than the rest of the story.”

With the release of Star Wars: Resistance coming soon, this could be an interesting time to revisit an animated feature film. Who know’s? Time will tell.

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