Daniel Logan “The Clone Wars was cancelled because it was getting really graphic”

Daniel Logan has said that the reason The Clone Wars was cancelled was because it was getting too graphic.

“Disney, they cancelled it, I think it was getting a little too graphic — actually, it was getting really graphic,” Logan said at London Comic Con. “Boba was doing some really, really cool stuff. He started actually becoming a bounty hunter.”

Logan, who portrayed a young Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones before reprising his role in the animated series, added “at the time, it was just too graphic, I think, for what Disney was used to.”

“We’d actually recorded seven episodes that didn’t get aired,” Logan said, pointing to an unfinished episode that would have pit Fett against Cad Bane.

“So there was so many episodes that was coming up, and Boba was just doing some really cool stuff.”

Before the plug was pulled, the series looked to continue Fett’s development into the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy — a disappointing loss for Logan.

When announcing the cancellation of The Clone Wars in 2013, Lucasfilm said a decision was made to “pursue a new direction in animated programming.”

When streaming rights for the series was acquired by Netflix, vice president of content acquisition Sean Carey pointed out the series “really aged up over the years” and “went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer.”

Read more at the link below. The Clone Wars returns on Disney’s new streaming service towards the end of 2019.