Daisy Ridley Took This Prop From One of Her The Rise of Skywalker Costumes

Actors have been swiping items/props from the sets of their movies for decades and the Star Wars films are certainly not excluded from this conversation. We’ve heard stories of props such as lightsabers and various costume pieces (sometimes even full costumes) being taken by the actors who are seen using/wearing them on-screen. With filming for next month’s The Rise of Skywalker wrapped, did Daisy Ridley take home any props from her time on set? Empire Magazine has the scoop.

Among the most intriguing things that have been hinted at so far in the Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailers is the glimpse of Dark Rey. Does it mean a surprise turn to the Dark Side for the Sequel Trilogy hero? Is she a vision? A possession? We have a few weeks left until we’ll find out exactly how she factors into Episode IX – but what we do know is that Daisy Ridley took a little bit of Dark Rey home with her when shooting ended. Speaking to Empire for the new Rise Of Skywalker issue, the actor revealed she not only took home her regular Rey costume at the end of production, but also swiped Dark Rey’s jewellery.

“You don’t see it, but Dark Rey may perhaps be wearing a ring,” she says. “So I was like, ‘Awesome’ – I had something that means nothing to anyone, that wasn’t there on that filming moment. But I’m like, ‘That’s [bleeping] cool’. It’s red and chunky and I like it. I did choose the ring. And there was nothing really in it except I just liked it.”