Daisy Ridley Builds LEGO Pasaana Speeder Chase While Answering Questions from Elle

Two years ago Daisy Ridley built the LEGO Millennium Falcon (#75105) while answering questions from Elle, and now two years later she’s back building the Pasaana Speeder Chase (#75250) while answering yet more questions!

“I think I’ve actually done pretty well too you guys!”

Two years ago, ELLE UK sat down with Daisy Ridley ahead of her second film in Star Wars’ most recent trilogy. We chatted all things fame, working on a sequel, whether she had met co-star John Boyega’s cat. Ridley, ever the good sport, did it all whilst assembling a Millennium Falcon out of LEGO.

So, as the trilogy draws to an end with the final film in the franchise, The Rise of Skywalker, we thought it would be fun to catch up with Ridley again, give her a new LEGO set to build (this time it’s a Speeder Chaser) and find out what she’s been up to – and whether she has any different outlooks in comparison to two years ago – since.