During the press junket for The Last Jedi, the team at Endor Express got to sit down with Neal Scanlan head of the Creature Shop on The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Solo and more. In the interview Neil answers some interesting questions, and here’s just one of them.

During the production process are you learning the names of these creatures and aliens yet?

Neal: No, we work absolutely during the production process with codes for secrecy. We then often have a retrospective phone call with Pablo (Hidalgo) and the guys and he’ll ask “what were you thinking about when you designed this character?” and I’ll maybe say that this one is kind of like the actor John Candy, he’s sweet at heart but he’s this, this, and that, and we have a bit of fun playing with ideas and that’s when we get to hear what their real names are. BB-8, for instance, started out as Snow Girl or  Globe at one time – there were four or five names for BB-8. BB-8 didn’t come until VERY, very late, and that’s probably for very good reasons as he’s such an important character.

This interview was conducted before Neal got to see The Last Jedi but it’s a great read — take the link here to read it in full. You can also check out Neal’s own website.