Concept Art Pieces For ‘The Last Jedi’ Biggest Surprises

io9 has posted a collection of seven official concept art pieces from Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi that focus on some of the major moments that took place during the film. For the obvious sake of spoilers, these concept art pieces were held back until Episode VIII became the box office smash hit that we all knew it would become. Check out io9’s gorgeous images (including respective artist credit tags) via the gallery supplied below.

The Last Jedi is available now via digital platform here in the US and will be arriving a short time from now on Blu-ray in the US March 27.

When it comes to protecting secrets, Disney and Lucasfilm are always extra careful. For example, concept art of Han Solo’s death wasn’t included in The Force Awakens Art Of book. It was included two years later in The Last Jedi Art Of book. So, if we go by that, what you see below may just be your first look at the Episode IX Art Of book because these are some massive Last Jedi spoilers.

We’re excited to exclusively debut seven gorgeous pieces of Last Jedi concept art from some of the film’s most memorable moments. We’re talking Yoda. We’re talking Luke vs. the First Order. We’re talking Holdo’s sacrifice. It’s all here and obviously very inspirational to director Rian Johnson, considering most of these look very much like the final film.