Composer John Powell Lists New Themes For ‘Solo’

Solo composer John Powell has posted a list on his Facebook page of six new themes that were created for the second Star Wars standalone film. In addition to the all-new theme created by legendary composer John Williams for titular lead Han Solo, the film will also include themes for primary characters Chewbacca, L3-37, and the mysterious Cloud Rider gang leader Enfys Nest.

We can assume the “Love Theme” refers to the relationship between Han and Qi’ra.

– Han Theme (by John Williams)
– Love Theme
– Chewbacca Theme
– Gang Theme
– L3 Theme
– Enfys Nest Theme

Powell, who last week revealed the official tracklist for Solo, also stated “there are 2 major theme-like motifs directly following the plot all the way through the movie”, so we’ll be sure to keep our ears peeled for those later this month.