Colin Trevorrow Speaks Briefly On His The Rise of Skywalker Writing Credit

Last week it was reported that Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly would be receiving writing credit for their initial work on The Rise of Skywalker. In an exclusive interview he conducted with Empire, Trevorrow comments briefly on this subject. While he doesn’t reveal which specific aspects of his Episode IX treatment made it into the final version of the film that we’ll be seeing in December, he does offer his gratitude to director J.J. Abrams for incorporating at least some of his concepts.

Talking exclusively to Empire, Trevorrow explained his feelings about his name in the film’s credits. “I’m not sure anyone who chooses the creative life should expect things. But I’m grateful to JJ [Abrams] for embracing some of our ideas. It’s exciting that fans will get to see the moments that felt essential to all of us.”

Abrams, who took over co-writing and shooting the movie, went in some significantly different directions, including a return for a classic character. “Bringing back the Emperor was an idea JJ brought to the table when he came on board,” Trevorrow says. “It’s honestly something I never considered. I commend him for it. This was a tough story to unlock, and he found the key.”

He’s more guarded when asked about his specific work on the script. “That’s not my place, especially right now,” says Trevorrow. “I know how hard this crew has worked over the past two years, a lot of them are working with us now on Jurassic. I want to support them as they put this film out into the world. In the end, I’m just proud to have my name in space.”