Bought tickets for Rogue One yet? It can sometimes be as much of a journey as the film itself. Just ask Melinda over at Coffee With Kenobi.

It took almost one hour for me to finally complete an online purchase of tickets to “Rogue One”. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that either of the two websites I was using actually “crashed” during that time period [I hoped doubling my efforts would result in a faster, positive outcome], I got “error” message after “error” message, and grew more and more frustrated. When I seemed to make headway … I wound up having my spirits dashed when I’d get a “timed out” response – after only seconds of going through the purchase process! Timed out after 10 seconds? How is that possible? I had to start the whole endeavor all over again! Ugh! When I finally – seemed – to complete my ticket purchase, I wasn’t even sure if my transaction went through properly since I didn’t get a confirmation. I called the customer service number for the website, and the kind young woman on the other end of the telephone line told me, yes, my purchase went through. Then she apologized, explaining that the website was lagging – incredibly so – due to the high volume of traffic. All this was transpiring while I was put in another website’s “queue”. Before my wait time was over, I was kicked out of the queue, and had to restart that process! You’d think these online giants would be prepared for the onslaught of Star Wars fans trying to buy tickets to the upcoming film – especially after what happened last year when tickets for TFA went on sale. As it turns out, TFA and ROASWS hold the top two slots, respectively, for single-day ticket sales as reported by the major online ticket outlets [according to “Entertainment Weekly”].