Code Name Magic Roundabout: Building The Full Size Millennium Falcon For Empire

While always looking forward to the future of Star Wars it’s equally as important to look back at the journey so far.  This video, looking at the construction of the Millennium Falcon for The Empire Strikes Back via our great pal Rob at The Bearded Trio, does just that.

This is a little musical film inspired by the stories of the original makers of the Millennium Falcon spaceship for the film The Empire Strikes Back. The credit sequence features unseen photographs of the build. This was a self-funded community film project but we are hoping to find funding to develop the project. A huge thank you to the wonderfully hilarious original crew and the people of Pembroke Dock…

‘In spring 1979, Marcon Fabrications, a heavy engineering firm that served the UK’s petrochemical and oil industries, was hired to build a movable full-scale external model capable of “moving as if it were about to take off.”

Built in secrecy under the project code name Magic Roundabout, the company leased the 1930s Western Sunderland Flying Boat hangar in Pembroke Dock, West Wales. The model, which took three months to construct, weighed over 25 tons, measured 65 feet in diameter and 20 feet high, and used compressed air hover pads for up to 1.5 inches of hover-height movement around the set. It was then disassembled and shipped to Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, for filming.