Characters I Hold Dear: Prequel Trilogy: Padme Amidala

When the Prequel Trilogy came out there were so many new characters to enjoy. My favorite character that came from the films was Queen/Senator Amidala. The only strong female character we really had in the Original Trilogy was Princess Leia. Princess Leia would gain my respect by the end of Return of the Jedi but for me there was always something missing. Padme however was a strong, stout, devoted, and moral individual from the beginning. I always saw her as someone to look up to and someone that had command of the people around her.

Perhaps this had to do with the fact that she was an elected official and I have a special place in my heart for politics. As her character grew and we saw her fighting for peace diplomatically I had even more reasons to relate to her. I saw her inner struggle trying to make sure that peace was upheld but without violence. She was an inspiration to me though with her ability to know when negotiations and diplomacy had failed and when it was time to take physical action.

She may not be force sensitive but her ability to direct those around her serves her well in all aspects of battle. The love between her and Anakin is what makes our Original Trilogy the success it is. Without her love and devotion there would be no Original Trilogy for us to enjoy. I truly believe her greatest qualities are her compassion for others and her understanding nature. She is positive and wants to believe in the good in people.

We could all stand to see the good in people and to believe in it.

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Teresa Delgado
Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.