On Chanukah & ‘Star Wars’

Last night we lit the lats of 8 candles for Chanukah, and as the sun sets today it comes to an end. Yesterday, The Times of Israel discussed the parallels between Star Wars and the Chanukah story in this great article: –

It is truly fortuitous that the release of The Last Jedi coincides with Hanukkah. In many ways, the parallels between the Star Wars saga and the Hanukkah story are striking. Both stories tell of meager bands of freedom fighters, including farm boys and paupers turned warriors, mounting unlikely rebellions against much larger, better equipped, better-resourced, and seemingly invincible empires.

In both stories, the rebels defeat their enemies, in defiance of all reasonable expectations. They draw upon an invisible force that surrounds and binds everything that exists for guidance, support, strength, and resilience in their struggle against the evil empire.

Both stories highlight freedom against tyranny, hope over fear, good against evil, light against darkness.

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