Captain Marvel – More Than Just a Comic Book Superhero

If you are reading this article, chances are you are a bit of a comic geek. Whether you have been a comic geek for a while now, or whether it was a recent movie like Captain Marvel that got you on board, most people will admit that being a comic geek is becoming more and more of a very normal, accepted thing.

Comic geeks are suddenly the “cool kids” since they can explain Easter eggs in the latest blockbuster or provide some context for vague foreshadowing in end credit scenes.

Where at one time, being a comic book geek was kind of quirky, it is extremely accepted and praised today. This shift in the culture is thanks in large part to the magnificent efforts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (known to comic book geeks as the MCU).

What Marvel has done over the last 10 or so years is truly amazing. Movie after movie has spiked to the top of the charts bringing life to a previously extremely corny and hard to swallow movie genre.

The Haters

However, there are those who have not been swept up in the Marvel wave. There are those who think these silly comic book movies are a waste of the big screen and the time of the audience.

This article is not designed to convince people who think that way to change their minds. Instead, it’s about looking at the big picture. Which is something that is worthwhile for all of us to do sometimes.

A Comic’s Hidden Message

Comics have a long history of hiding a deep meaning behind what first appear to be nothing more than action-packed adventure stories of fantasy. When some people simply see some crazy super villain going up against some superhero, others see another layer. A deeper layer that makes it more than just a story.

Even people who are not fans of comic books or comic book movies can probably tell you the morale of Spider-Man’s story. That famous line that has been the theme of many stories after it – “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Spider-Man was not just a story about some kid who can climb up walls and shoot webbing and fights costumed criminals. It was a story of responsibility, of growing up, of struggle, fear, boldness, and courage. That is why Spider-Man has been around so long and continues to be one of the most popular characters in Marvel’s universe.

The story of Captain Marvel is the same in many ways. Her origin story movie that came out this last March was met with mixed results. It garnered only 56% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Yahoo news recently wrote a whole article about a controversial deleted scene from the movie that has the internet abuzz.

However, despite those mixed feelings on the movie, Captain Marvel is not just a human who got kidnapped by aliens after being mysteriously gifted with incredible powers. Her story isn’t just about saving a race of people from annihilation. No, it’s much more than that.

The Bigger Picture

As we learned early on from Comic Years, the early history of Captain Marvel as a Marvel character is a bit complicated. However, the MCU movie storyline is pretty straightforward while the message behind it is pretty deep.

They say that the best characters are those that hold a mirror up to our own selves. Our favorite heroes are those that we can relate to. Being a person who can fly and shoot photon blasts from her fists, it may not seem at first that Captain Marvel is one of those type of characters.

However, if you take a step back, you begin to see that Captain Marvel’s story is about unleashing your own unique abilities. We’ve all been created with a set of talents and abilities. These are in large part what make us who we are. Whether it is society, the pressure of those around us, or our own fears, we often end up hiding these talents and abilities, not using them to their full potential.

Captain Marvel’s journey of discovery where she finds out where she really came from and her past is a metaphor for the journey that each of us is on in life. What’s interesting is that the moment where she truly came alive was when she felt the need to put her powers to use for the good of others.

This is why Captain Marvel is more than just a comic book hero. She’s an example of how each of us should take the unique gifts and talents that we have been given and use them to serve those around us.