Blue Plaque Installed Marking Former Home of Peter Cushing

On May 4th earlier this year, English Heritage announced that Peter Cushing’s former home of 81 years in Purley would be getting a blue plaque. The blue plaque has now been put in place, and the current owners of the house talk about finding out who lived in the house before them.

Paul, Jenny and daughter Indie Camlett now live in the recently renovated property and were excited to see its historic legacy recognised with the plaque’s installation in late July.

Mr Camlett said: “When we moved in, people would often say ‘did you know Peter Cushing lived here’.

“A policeman came to the door once and we thought something was wrong.

“It turned out he was a Star Wars fan and simply wanted to talk to us about the house.

“The house suffered years of neglect, so our focus was very much on renovating, but it did occur to us that Peter Cushing touched that door knob and walked on those steps, so it was important to preserve as many elements and features of the house as possible, otherwise it would be like eradicating his existence.

“I like the idea there are traces of his DNA about the place.

“There was an old servants bell and Peter Cushing talks about his maid in his biography (she was very clumsy and kept breaking the china).

“It was important, therefore, to preserve this essential feature, knowing Peter Cushing pressed that button many times, and it links in beautifully with his memoir.”

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