Reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K Blu-ray Release

Head on over to for their comprehensive review of the 4K Blu-ray release of director Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. I place their Blu-ray reviews right up there with the best the internet can provide, so I highly recommend you visit their site to see what they have to say about this 4K release.

Solo lands on Blu-ray here in the United States next week (September 25) and one day sooner for fans in the UK.

Solo: A Star Wars Story was besieged by production problems, notably the firing of Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who had previously co-helmed the terrific The LEGO Movie and who reportedly came to odds with Lucasfilm over this film’s direction and tone. The Internet is filled with the story and reaction to it, so there’s no need to rehash the specifics here. Solo was ultimately turned over to Ron Howard (Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code) who not only managed to salvage the movie but craft a cool and thrilling jaunt through some fringe corners of the Star Wars universe while exploring some — certainly not all — of the title character’s lore, lore previously established in other Star Wars films, some created herein, and a couple of strings that come as very welcome surprises. Fun, fresh, and a nice blend of the expected and the unexpected, Solo is a success that deserved better at the box office and definitely deserves, and needs, a sequel.