The Bearded Trio: Experiencing That John Williams Moment

Our pal Rob over at The Bearded Trio tunes in to the music of John Williams and tries to put his finger on what a ‘John Williams Moment’ is

What is the John Williams moment?  Well, let me. try to explain.  You know when you smell a certain food and it instantly reminds you of another time in your life?  Perhaps it’s the smell of toast in the morning that takes you back to your mother cooking you breakfast before heading out to school.  Or maybe it’s not a smell.  Perhaps it’s a special place that you had fond memories of and when you visit it brings a smile to your face.  Well, for me there are certain tracks from the vast soundtrack collection of John Williams that do something similar.  That John Williams Moment.  A single track that will evoke an emotion, a memory and maybe initiate goosebumps.

For example, when I listen to Yoda’s Theme from The Empire Strikes Back I get a warm feeling inside and generally followed by a smile.  This one piece for some reason reminds me of the time I used to play with my Star Wars figures as a kid in my bedroom.  It could be because Yoda was one of my favourite figures and I recall playing music related to Yoda quite a lot while I was playing out my made up Star Wars stories with my Kenner figures.