Barbican Sci-fi Sundays: THX 1138

Sunday 2nd July at 4.00pm brings a screening of George Lucas’ seminal THX 1138  Sci-fi Sundays at Barbican’s Cinema 1. Tickets are £10.50 for a standard ticket, £8.60 for members, £9.50 for concessions and £5.00 for Young Barbican members.

George Lucas’ feature film directorial debut is a hypnotic, evocative and bleak dystopian science-fiction drama.

It’s the 25th Century, and individuality is prohibited by the totalitarian state – uniforms and shaved heads are mandatory; sex is banned; and everyone is sedated by mind-altering drugs to ensure their compliance with the government. But when factory worker THX 1138 (people are designated a string of characters and digits instead of names) stops taking his medication, he discovers the power of his own will – and his life is changed forever.

US 1971 Dir George Lucas 86 min
35mm presentation

Matt Booker
Matt is the Jedi News Social Media Guru, as well as co-host of the Take Cover podcast on the Jedi News Network. He also has a Boba Fett-ish with one of the largest Fett collections spanning every genre of collecting.