Author N.J. Simmonds’ Tweet Goes Viral On International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and here’s a good news story featuring author N.J. Simmonds.

When Young Adult author N.J. Simmonds tweeted about her daughter being sad and scared that her classmates would laugh at her for liking ‘boy stuff’ if she wore a Star Wars t-shirt to school, she didn’t expect her tweet to go viral, but with more than 46,000 retweets, over 100,000 likes and many supportive comments, she clearly struck a chord.

Simmonds, whose first book, The Path Keeper was published in February last year, has been amazed and touched by the outpouring of solidarity, with everyone from Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe to Master Jedi Skywalker himself Mark Hamill getting involved.

When Jedi News contacted Simmonds, she told us “When I posted that Tweet my only intention was to show my daughter a handful of photos of cool women wearing Star Wars t-shirts. The only friends she has that like Star Wars are male (we live abroad, she goes to a small school, she has little external influences)… so naturally she was worried about what her girl friends would say. As much as you try and empower your kids, at seven years old that’s still a big deal for them. Of course her friends didn’t care what she wore, and she’s forgotten about it all now. I, on the other hand, have been left with thousands of messages of support from amazing women and men who support strong women and it’s been a lovely uniting experience. I had no idea the post would strike a chord with so many people around the world. From female NASA astronauts and screen writers of the films to Luke Skywalker himself – I’m amazed how many people empathized with the story. Thank you for your kind words. My daughter loves the films because they are cool, but also because it’s something she does with her dad…it’s their thing, which is why it means so much to her. But I think I’m going to get more involved in this world too, because with a fandom this amazing I don’t want to miss out!”

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The Force is strong with this family, and with fangirls everywhere!