Anthony Daniels Fell Asleep When He Saw The Rise of Skywalker the First Time

Anthony Daniels has been letting out some of his secrets about the first time he watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

“I will tell you a secret,” the actor says with sheepish mirth, before recounting the first time he saw the final movie in the Skywalker Saga last December.

Christine Savage and Daniels attend The Rise of Skywalker’s London premiere last December — after which Daniels told director J.J. Abrams he’d slept through most of his initial viewing.

Exhausted after months of traveling for his book-signing tour and promoting the film, he caught a “minor bug” and was hit with a bout of laryngitis while in Los Angeles. A car whisked him and Savage to director J.J. Abrams’ screening room, where they joined Daniels’ cast mates in a few glasses of “medicinal” wine and watched the first 20 minutes of the movie.

“And [I] fell deeply, deeply asleep,” he said. “J.J.’s viewing theater is gorgeously comfortable, it’s just wonderful. Too comfortable — I was exhausted. Christine woke me up just before the end.”

Daniels felt crushingly guilty as he dozed in the car ride back across LA, but he thought his 40 winks had gone largely unnoticed.

“It was only after the premiere in London — when I avidly watched [the film] all the way through — that I admitted to J.J. that I’d fallen asleep at his screening,” he said. ” ‘I know,’ he told me, with a laugh.”

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