A few days ago we posted a piece in which Andy Serkis spoke about his process of creating the voice for Supreme Leader Snoke. We didn’t hear too much from Snoke in The Force Awakens, but that should be changing come December with the theatrical release of The Last Jedi. IGN spoke with the actor via phone this week to get his thoughts on the trailer everyone’s been talking about and a few other topics.

During the conversation, Serkis mentioned how the overall plot of Episode VIII will surprise viewers, with an emphasis placed on the tension contained within the film. He praised director Rian Johnson and enjoyed his time working on set with Johnson and his production team, which Serkis said has resulted in “an amazing movie.”

IGN tried to glean some juicy details about the Snoke/Kylo Ren relationship in this latest film, but Serkis wasn’t taking the bait. He refused to provide any details on the subject, but he did reveal that he apparently is well-versed in Snoke’s backstory, stating “Oh yeah, I absolutely know it.”