Andi Gutierrez Will Not Be Hosting A Show For Resistance Rewind

When the new video shorts “Bucket’s List” and “Resistance Rewind” were announced during last week’s episode of The Star Wars Show as behind-the-scenes content for Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars Resistance animated TV series, it was widely assumed Andi Gutierrez would be continuing her hosting role for “Resistance Rewind”. After her exceptional four-year work as host of “Rebels Recon”, having Andi return as the host for this new video series was a natural assumption.

Alas, that is not the case as Andi has revealed on Twitter that she will not be hosting “Resistance Rewind” as the series will be shorter is nature (the series made its debut yesterday with content focusing on Kaz and Torra) and thus not necessitating a studio/host presence.

Fingers tightly crossed Andi returns as the official host of BTS content for another Star Wars property in the near future!