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LFL’s Andi Gutierrez spent several hours answering fan questions over on the Star Wars Rebels sub Reddit on Friday. I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites to post here but please take the source link to read the full thread of what it’s like to work at Lucasfilm and what goes on behind the scenes of The Star Wars Show and Rebels Recon. Andi’s answers are by “deegoots” just like her twitter.


Hi Andi, love the work you and the rest of your team do. I think we’d love some insight on how you guys produce your shows.

Example for Recon we can see that your creator interviews for several episodes are taped on the same day and then pertinent clips edited together with your intro, Chopper and Pablo. Do they screen 3-4 episodes for you guys to work ahead on? Do they screen it for just the publicity team or do you watch them with some of the production staff?

Also did you guys know about your namesake characters ahead of time or did the production people make it a surprise for the three of you?

A little of both. Since it’s so hard to find time to do interviews with everyone, we’ll sit down and do a chunk of episodes with them at once. Then we can break them apart as needed. We do all of my solo in office stuff the week-of. Chopper bits are a little bit of both. If we have time, we’ll do a few in a week so we don’t have to crunch. I’ve said it elsewhere, but we have a really small team, and our camera/editing guys work insane hours to get all of our stuff made… so we do as much as we can when we can.

I get to see the episodes in advance enough to conduct interviews. Matt Martin writes the interview questions, because the Story Group insight is vital to getting the good bits.

We did know a bit in advance! It was really cool to follow the process of the characters’ development.


What’s the most fun/memorable interview you’ve done during your time at Lucasfilm?


Carrie. Obviously Carrie. I don’t think that will ever be topped.

The reason that I got so emotional was that I had been leading up to that moment for over a year. I was supposed to interview her at Celebration Anaheim, and it fell through at the last moment. Like, I was walking from the break room to the stage when I heard the news. I was so let down.

Then, I was supposed to interview her on the TFA red carpet, but what happened was way better. I was still kind of let down because I was looking forward to it since we started planning the show.

So in London, I had NO IDEA she was coming up to the stage. I had an interview and drawing segment scheduled, and I could see the guest waiting off-stage, and people weren’t letting him on. I was talking to Scott over my ear piece, saying to let the guest up, and he kept saying that he didn’t know what was going on, that we were going to go to a panel, to just sit there and wait and smile… and he was lying the entire time. He and Mickey (our boss. Yes, that’s his name) had arranged for her to surprise me.

I can’t really put into words what that means to me. I love those guys forever for doing that. I’ll never forget those few minutes.”

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