The final episodes of Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels (and for the hit animated series as a whole) will be debuting here in the United States starting Monday February 19. ABC News received an exclusive clip from Monday’s episode titled “Jedi Night” (the first of two episodes airing on Disney XD that night) as well as some quotes from executive producer Dave Filoni.

Speaking of the series coming to an end, Filoni had this to say when it came to identifying the number of people who actually know how the series will conclude:

“There’s only a small group of people that actually know the entire ending of the series,” executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni told ABC News. “I have all their names written down in my office. I know exactly who knows what. It’s my best attempt to keep all of this from getting out.”

Check out their clip via the video below and point your browser here for more on the final Rebels episodes.