If you’ve not pre-ordered The Complete Saga on Blu-ray yet then you can now get 15% off by ordering from Tesco taking the total down to just £57.37 (including the free Senitype cell too).

If you’re only after the Prequel or Original Trilogy then the discount code still works bringing these down to £28.64 each.

Also, the code works for Kinect Star Wars (£33.99) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (£32.05) too.

If you’re a Tesco Clubcard owner enter this code for an extra 200 points… 200CCAUG-1.  Finally, if you order via Quidco you’ll also get 8% cashback (£4.57) bringing the total for The Complete Saga down to just £52.78 (that’s just £5.87 per disc)!

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!

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