Wish One: Eli’s Story


Eli has been a Star Wars fan his entire life. At 14 years old, he’s done everything every passionate Star Wars fan has done. He’s read every book, seen every movie, even dreamed of being in one and of course, he’s dreamed of going where every Star Wars fan wants to go some day, Star Wars Celebration.

Last year he had surgery for the brain tumor that he was born with but was causing complications to his health and quality of life. His mother joyfully said Eli was a “different person” after the surgery. However, Eli’s saga continues. He’s been through radiation and is continuing to see doctors at this moment. His memory has been affected and it’s important that we get him his wish as some of his memories of his favorite thing in the whole galaxy, Star Wars are fading. By getting him and his family to Star Wars Celebration in April, we ensure that Eli will have pictures, adventures and stories to tell of a galaxy that right now seems far far away but could be so close if his wish is granted!


The power of a wish can be summed up into one word, a simple word spoken by our Princess, “Hope.”

Thank you, Mark Hamill, for sharing Wish One: Eli’s Story with the Star Wars community.

Please take the source link to donate any amount if you can, and then pass it on to your friends. Let’s use social media in a positive way to help Eli’s Make-A-Wish come true and get this brave young fan and his family to Celebration in Orlando.

SOURCEWish One: Eli's Story
Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a ship in the North Sea he likes to travel to as many Star Wars (and LOST) events and locations as possible. He's often found roaming convention floors cosplaying as Bad Robot.