Who is Vi Moradi, Resistance Hero of Batuu?

, writing at StarWars.com, takes a look at the spy’s dossier, and gives you want you need to know about her latest mission.

If you’re lucky enough to take a Starspeeder to Batuu via Disney’s latest themed land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — now open at Disneyland® Resort and opening August 29 at Walt Disney World® Resort — keep your eyes peeled. You might run into a famous spy on the streets of Black Spire Outpost with her distinctive streaked hair and orange technical jacket. Her name? Vi Moradi. Vi is a long-time member of the Resistance, and she’s responsible for keeping the spark of hope alive, undermining and fighting the First Order whenever she can. Here’s what you need to know about this Resistance spy’s adventures before her life on Batuu.

Compassionate, even when it’s risky.

When Moradi escapes the First Order, she manages to manipulate and then save one of her captors in the process. She takes pity on Captain Cardinal (who she nicknames “Emergency Brake,” and “Big Red Button,” due to his distinctive red-colored armor), and takes him along with her instead of leaving him to die. She believes that Cardinal, also known as Archex, is a decent person deep down, in spite of his past as a fanatical First Order believer.

She’s a survivor…

Vi’s strength and incredible stamina let her get into and out of scrapes over and over throughout her adventures. She’s survived capture and torture by the First Order and was tough enough to answer the call General Leia Organa put out to all her top spies after the Battle of Crait: survive, salvage, recruit, regroup, and ignite the spark. That’s why she heads to Batuu with enough equipment to set up a Resistance base on the edge of Wild Space, where her biggest adventure yet begins.

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