Uniqlo Press Event: Thursday 8th December 2016

Not so long ago down a street known by many around the world…the Uniqlo Oxford Street store Rogue One release party! If you can cast your minds back to late November we posted about Uniqlo providing the opportunity to win tickets to their secret party held in their Oxford Street store. Using some classic Jedi mind tricks at the door we managed to get team members James and Zak into the store to report on the happenings.

Welcomed by banging music and a selection of beverages the party vibes were definitely flowing strong with Uniqlo as DJ’s from NTS Radio an Radio 1’s Benji B were hitting the decks to spin out some soul vibrating tunes. The whole range of Uniqlo’s Rogue One and Star Wars products were available to purchase which included the likes of; t-shirts, jumpers, DVD sets and most impressively badge sets that ranged from classic artwork to logos.


If you were following us on our social media feeds you would have seen some rather mighty and impressive Death Troopers and Stormtroopers who were able to pose with the guests for photos. Or if you were feeling the lighter side of the force an X-Wing pilot VR experience was set up allowing guests to be transported right into the cockpit of a T-65. On the upper level guests were encouraged to pose on a green screen that placed them in a split image of the light side versus the dark which were printed and emailed free of charge, a nice piece of memorabilia to remember the night by.


My personal favourite of the evening would have to be special guest Grime artist Novelist who absolutely raised the roof with his compilation of lyric heavy wonders. Overall the night was very pleasant with complimentary drinks and nibbles to keep us going, the products look absolutely superb and the Force was flowing so make sure to check out the gallery and our social media platforms for all the coverage of the night!

Zak Portlock-Thorogood
Zak joined the site as a reviewer of Dark Horse's weekly comic publications. Before joining Matt Booker in running the Facebook page. Zak is a keen photographer, and covers events such as MCM Comic Con, Farthest From, and Celebration for Jedi News.