UK LED Sabre Open Series Being Held This Weekend

Our friends over at Silver Sabres are hosts for the inaugral Official LED Sabre Open Tournament this weekend. The event is being held in Milton Keynes, UK on Saturday 11th August 2018.

The UK’s first official LED Sabre open tournament!!!

Part of the International LED Sabre Open Series (LSOS), hosted by the Silver Sabres Combat Academy, we have a limited number of spaces available for competitors from other schools to come and participate, so if you would like to come and play, please contact us on:

Currently we are planning 4 poules of 6 fighters each, for a total of 24 participants.

Rules can be found on our website:

Please check back for rules updates, which will be also be announced on our facebook page!

There is a very limited capacity for spectators, so unfortunately this event will be by invitation only!

London SSCA; Ben Lavers, Melissa Drewry, Jai Smith, Ona Smitaite, Marco Cuomo, Nathan Chan, Mathias Karady, Andrew Wishart, Saskiana Permykova
Michelle Evans (reserve), Killian Main (reserve), Phillipa Allen (reserve)
Milton Keynes SSCA: Jon Scott Glover, Alastair Andrews
Sussex SSCA: Craig Standen, Ethan Standen, Tiffany Taylor, Aaron Lee, Adam Parker
First Strike: Wayne Bell, Dave Edwards, Sean Smith, Izam Ryan
SSL: Emmaniel Berdah, Hugo Poter, Benoit Quenisset, Claude Renaud

Please remember, if you wish to attend, contact the Silver Sabers direct.