Tony Gilroy talks Star Wars at Montclair State University Event

Tony Gilroy appeared at the Montclair State University as part of the Dialogue with a Screenwriter series co-presented with the Writers Guild of America East, and during the 90-minute session he showed clips from his films and answered questions from the audience — including about Rogue One….

When pressed by Susan Skoog, director of programming at The Film Institute at Montclair State, about “what went wrong” with Rogue One, Gilroy hesitated to answer to avoid getting into trouble with the producers of the movie, but then responded that it was a matter of “purity” when telling the story.

“When things pass through many hands and there’s a great deal of confusion … and there’s all kinds of accessories and jewelries and bootstraps and zippers, and all the rest of the stuff. The purity for the characters, if it’s not there to begin with, it just deteriorates and just turns into an absolute mush,” Gilroy said.

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