Support Jeremy Beckett on his Order 66 Road Trip

Jeremy Beckett, one of my co-hosts on the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Collectors Panel on the Star Wars Celebration Collector’s Stage on Saturday 13th April at 6pm, is making his way from LA to Chicago for Celebration by road and any money raised over his target for the trip will go to R2-KT.

Follow Jeremy, a fan of Star Wars and road trips travelling from Australia to attend Star Wars Celebration 2019, on his Order 66 Road Trip blog which not only covers his journey from Los Angles to Chicago – but tracks it on a live map too. Driving the last remnants of the classic Route 66, he will spend the next three weeks in a Winnebago crossing the US from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the Great Lakes, and then urban boondocking in downtown Chicago while he attends Star Wars Celebration, before returning to Australia via a network of Star Wars collecting friends. Will he make it or will the long straight roads drive him round the bend?

Jeremy is the sole driver, writer and photographer on He has plenty of experience doing all three having toured the US, Europe and North Africa searching for Star Wars filming locations, written about Star Wars for several books, magazines and websites, as well as providing photographs for a numerous Star Wars websites and publications over the years.

Take the link below to check out Jeremy’s progress along the way, and also to lend your support.