Stephen Hayford Breaks Down His Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Art Print

This past weekend artist Stephen Hayford provided fans with a high resolution image of his Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 exclusive “Palace Break” art print. There’s quite a bit to digest in the print, so Hayford took to his Instagram account to break down (moving right to left) what’s going on within the walls of Jabba’s palace including the reveal of a few Easter eggs you may have missed upon initial viewing. He also reveals exactly when this photo was “taken” during the events of Return of the Jedi. Check them out below (click each image for a closer look) and be sure to follow all of Hayford’s stunning work on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Right Side

Yes, that’s the same hand of Sabacc Lando used to beat Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story. And yes, the name of the newspaper is of course a link to Tatooine AND a nod to Chicago: Twin Sun Times.

Middle Portion

No image in the “Break Room Trilogy” would be complete without a duo getting coffee. I imagined Gamorreans would prefer bowls (personal troughs) over dinky mugs. The foosball table was my favorite prop to build. I was dedicated to using Micro Machine jawas and Tusken Raiders, so the number of controls is inaccurate in order to keep accurate table proportions.

Left Side

Malakili has a BBQ biz as his side hustle. Fortunately for him, the health department is pretty lax on Tatooine. Did you ever wonder why that Gonk droid was being tortured? He tried to make a run for it when a B’Omarr Monk opened the door. Sooo, now you know this image takes place right before R2 and 3PO show up with a deal from Luke.