Well, this is a-maze-ing, isn’t it.

A Star Wars inspired maze, in Elvington near York, brings the magic of the GFFA to a field which over the past 15 years has seen tributes to Yorkshire, James Bond, Doctor Who and Thunderbirds.

Tom Pearcy, 46, is the maze master who dreams up a new idea ever year.

Dressed as his favourite character, Hans Solo, he said: “Every year we have to create a new maze because the plants only last 12 months, so we try to celebrate some sort of anniversary, and this year Star Wars turning 40 is huge.

“It’s amazing to think it’s so old when it feels so current to people like me.

“There are not many films I can think of that you will get so many people dressing up and celebrating it after 40 years.”

Members of Sentinel Squad UK a group of friends which regularly dress up as their favourite Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader, Chewbacca and a range of Stormtroopers, were at the maze to help launch the 2017 offering.

Great piece and we encourage you to visit, but when oh when will people in the press stop writing ‘Hans Solo, Storm Trooper and Light sabre?

SOURCEYork Press
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