Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Officially Opens Today at Disneyland

Today is the day folks – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge officially opens its doors to the general public for fans (with confirmed reservations) to attend at Disneyland. After years of build-up and anxious waiting, the time has finally arrived for Disney to transport us to a real-life galaxy far, far away. Armed with their trusty Guidemap, visitors at Disneyland are set to be immersed in a world unlike any other.

Galaxy’s Edge will be opening at Walt Disney World on August 29.

As a reminder, Galaxy’s Edge is being deployed at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in two phases. Phase one features the opening of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction at both park locations while Phase two (set for sometime later this year) will see the launch of the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride. An official launch date for the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride has not yet been announced.

To all who will be visiting the park today – have a wonderful time on Batuu!

Justin LaSalata
Located in New York with his wife Dianna, Justin LaSalata is the US Editor of Jedi News responsible for reporting on all areas of Star Wars related news as well as coverage from NY Comic Con and Toy Fair NY.