Art Andrews over at the Official Star Wars Blog has just posted this piece focusing on the amazing artwork on offer in the As You Wish helmet project, to be displayed at Celebration VI in a couple of weeks time.

Here’s a piece from the blog, which you can check out here. And note the names involved, heavy hitters from ’78 and the evolution of Boba Fett himself.

I could talk for days about Boba Fett, his popularity in modern culture, his mystique and his infamy, but my true passion for Boba Fett, as with so many things in Star Wars, is not so much the character of Boba Fett (after all, he was little more than a minor background figure with only seconds of screen time) but the care, attention and detail put into his design. In the entire original Star Wars trilogy, there is no other costume that is as detailed and complicated as Boba Fett. His helmet alone is a masterpiece, merging the aesthetic of ancient Corinthian hoplites with futuristic technology. The design provides an inspiring canvas and we were fortunate to have twenty amazing artists step up to take on the world’s most famous bounty hunter!