Join Jedi News, the Curto Burns Collectors Cast and a bunch of our good friends and allies in WB3 for a day of activity, podcasting and meeting friends both old and new.

Star Wars Fan Group Tables

  • Time: 10:00am – 7:00pm
  • Location: WB3
  • Description: Star Wars fan groups from all over the world share their passion for Star Wars. Come by and meet them, see their exhibits, and learn how to get involved! Fan Tables are: DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club, Fan Force, Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance, Mississippi Mandalorians, Norwich Star Wars Club UK, Ohio Star Wars Collectors’ Club, Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society, Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance, Star Wars Japanese Vegetable Caring and Japanese Jedi Order, SWAGG 77, The Dark Empire, The Force United, The Jedi Assembly, The Saber Guild, and Wookieepedia.