The popular Star Wars Laser Tag is bringing all the fun & excitement back to Celebration VI this month. Check out the event details below.

Star Wars Celebration welcomes Hard Knocks, the nation’s premier Combat Entertainment Franchise. Far beyond laser tag, Hard Knocks invites you to join the fight in their 100,000 square foot combat arena located in Hall C. It’s not your old Jedi Master’s  laser tag, and you won’t find any black lights or plastic toy guns. This is the real thing, with infrared weapons and action!

Engage in nine different Star Wars themed missions. Will you be part of the Imperial Forces or the Rebel Alliance? Defuse bombs, eliminate your targets, eradicate the enemy and fight for your side.

Hard Knocks offers multiple weapon models to choose from, with realistic size, weight, and sounds.

Located in Hall C, Hard Knocks will be hosting 100,000 square feet of combat space separated in two arenas.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner make sure you follow the direction of the Hard Knocks Regulators  as they lead you into battle.