Star Wars Fan Sites Working Together as ‘The Force United’

For the first time at a major Star Wars event, a group of fan sites will be working alongside each other to help share the fun and excitement of Celebration VI with their worldwide audiences.

The Force United, which features eight fan sites, will be at Booth #450. The founding sites are,,,,,, and

Because of the prohibitive cost of having individual sites staff their own tables full time during the show, the sites came up with the idea of forming an umbrella organization that would share time at one booth as they currently share some Star Wars news among sites. Lucasfilm agreed to the concept, and The Force United was born.

Each day during the show each site will staff the booth for roughly an hour . During that time fans will be able to pick up one of nine limited edition trading cards, one for each site, that make up the image below. The 9th card features the logo of The Force United along with the names of all eight founding sites. Signs at the booth will post hours for each site’s presence. There also will be limited edition badges and buttons for Celebration VI as well as a very limited supply of patches.

Any Star Wars fan site owner who is interested in becoming one with the Force—The Force United, that is—can send an e-mail to or talk to us at Booth #450 during the show.