Star Wars Celebration VI: A Fan Celebrates From Her Armchair

Almost every Star Wars fan that I know made a trek from across the country or over seas to celebrate their love of Star Wars at Celebration VI. They got to indulge themselves in the world of Star Wars for four glorious days and those that chose to stay longer got to have a magical vacation. In those four days they got to hang out with friends, family and the Star Wars community. For all of those fans I salute you for taking time out of your every day life to devote it to our beloved saga.

For some fans however we had to sit at home and over the course of four days we got snippets of news and we began to feel a little lonely. Well, I guess I cannot speak for all fans that did not make it out to the convention but I can definitely speak for myself. So why did I not go you may ask? I unfortunately have a job that really gets going around the time of year that Celebration hits. This year there was an event planned that I was responsible for and simply could not get out of. So instead I got to be glued to my phone and computer when there was time. My news came in pieces either through Twitter or Facebook. In the evenings I had time to visit websites and see what new things had been posted. So here is my re-cap of Celebration VI from my armchair.

As Celebration was ramping up everyone all over the inter-webs was talking about catching their flights to Florida. As all of this started it began to make me sad because I saw all of my friends heading out to what would be the greatest Star Wars event ever. It was exciting to follow along on their Facebook statuses though of who was meeting up with who and how things were progressing. Many of my friends arrived early and they were visiting Disney World and Universal Studios. While they were riding rides and enjoying good times with friends I was torn between watching their good time by way of my phone or trying to block it out so that I would not feel left out.

Once the convention started you could feel the excitement even back here in Texas. Everything on my Twitter feed and most of my Facebook news feed were comments about all the different panels. Pictures were huge this celebration as everyone was sharing their images with other fans, cosplayers, stars and more. Some of the images I liked the most were those of the Tatooine Diorama that was being built and of course pictures of the crowds. It was good to see that so many people were there. As far as toys go there was not a whole lot of new toy news. There seemed to be quite a bit of book and comic news. While there may not have been any giant reveals by Hasbro there was a very cool Disney panel. They announced quite a bit of crossover material that got me very excited as this blends two of my favorite franchises. You can bet I will be hunting down some of these crossover collectibles.

As the convention continued and news was breaking on the internet it was really not hard to find out what was going on and it almost felt like I was there. I know there were plenty of panels that I would have loved to have seen. One of the things that I feel like I missed out on was the Anti-Bullying panel by Ashley Eckstein I would have loved to have been there for that. There were tons of exclusives that were revealed before CVI and it was a bummer to know that I would not be able to get my hand on things like badges and collectible cards. There were two items I had to have though and luckily my good friend was able to secure the Her Universe exclusives for me so I can pretend I was there when I wear my new Mara Jade shirt.

It really helped that was releasing the media that they were releasing at CVI simultaneously. This was very exciting because it meant that I could watch it over and over without fear of it being taken down and having a difficult time finding it again. The Clone Wars trailer was breathtaking to see and I am very envious of all the people that got to see the red carpet premiere of Season 5. Along with The Clone Wars trailer the reveal of all the Star Wars Detours clips was very exciting. I have had a great time watching those and continuing to watch them. I am so glad that project is continuing and that they are making such great progress. The one thing that did occur in regard to Star Wars Detours however was everyone that began discussing that the show did provide continuity. I guess we will always have this debate regardless of the fact that is a pure comedy show and is not really meant to fit into the Star Wars timeline.

The best part about experiencing it from home was getting all the news centralized and not having to hunt it down. The worst part was not getting to see all of my friends. I think this is the hardest part about missing a convention of this magnitude. Everyone that was there will report back that the best part was getting to be with the community and getting to share in many Star Wars moments with others that feel the same way. So while I missed all of my friends I am so glad they got to enjoy their time. I already know I won’t be attending the Celebration in Germany next year so I guess I will have to look forward to Fandays next year and hopefully Star Wars Weekends. Until then I will see all of you on the internet and may the force be with you.

Teresa Delgado
Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.