Star Wars Celebration Europe: Secrets Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

A packed out room of The Clone Wars fans listen and watched as Pablo Hidalgo and Dave Filoni revealed some never before seen sketches and clips.

Fans were treated to pictures of updated designs and costumes of The Clone Wars characters including Plo Koon.

One of the sketches showed Satine Kryze, the Duchess of Mandalore, dressed in ceremonial Manalorian battle armour sadly the background for this storyline was never used but the concept was certainly interesting. Dave Filoni mentioned how much he enjoyed seeing fans dressed up as his characters and express his hope that one day a fan might make a battle armour Satine costume!

The highlight of the panel was a clip from the upcoming Bonus Content only seen before at Star Wars Weekends in Walt Disney World – the short clip showed a rebellious Yoda and poor Anakin taking the blame. Another clip showed how the episodes are drawn out in basic boxy animation and voiced by The Clone Wars team to help plan out ideas before being filmed and ready for the voice actors to record their parts.

Season 6 or as it is officially called “Bonus Content” will be released but the when or how is still unknown although hints seem to be leading towards an online release but only the future will tell.

Dave Filoni kept very quiet about the storylines of the upcoming Bonus Content but did reveal that the episodes will be looking at the consequences of the season 5 finale and hinted that there had been many discussions about how Order 66 would affect the Captain Rex and the Clones in The Clone Wars which may or may not be included. Fans also got a glimpse at the box art for the Season 5 bluray and the Seasons 1-5 box set to be released soon.

Dave Filoni will also be introducing an extended directors cut of Darth Maul’s epic story arc in The Clone Wars on Saturday at Celebration Europe.