Star Wars Celebration Europe: Lost Secrets from Return of the Jedi

Celebration made full use of the digital room’s screen by showing various behind the scenes pictures of Return of the Jedias the talk was starting. The panel was lead by David Collins and Leland Chee who is the Keeper of the Lucasfilm Holocron – a huge database of information about every possible character, place and object from the films, TV shows and Expanded Universe.

Leland talked about J.W. Rinzler’s new book to be released in October this year – the Making of Return of the Jedi which is filled with new behind the scenes information and over 600 photographs taken during the production of the film. Over 200 of the pictures in the book have never been released to the public before.

There will also be an enhanced e-edition which will include audio of vintage interviews and short video clips that have not been released before. We got a sneak peek at some of this footage including an early cut of the Rancor scene in Jabba’s Palace before the special effects and sounds had been put in, in fact there wasn’t even a Rancor in the scene, since a huge gorilla was used in place of the towering beast.

Leland also revealed that a new Ewoks book – Shadows Of Endor will be coming out shortly and in honour of this played a rare demo video of the Ewok Celebration (Yub Nub) song as sung in English. The panel concluded with an audience sing-a-long and it certainly seemed like our hosts had done some practicing!