Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Two Variant Covers For Star Wars Insider #189

For the Star Wars Insider completists out there, the official site has announced that two Sequel Trilogy themed variant covers for issue #189 will be available for attendees to purchase at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. Designed by artist Karen Hallion, you’ll be able to choose from a cover featuring Kylo Ren or Rey, both of whom have their lightsabers ignited and at the ready. But in reality, you’ll want to pick up BOTH variant covers because when they are placed side by side, they form an awesome image of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in the background.

Click on the images below for a closer look at the two available variant covers. Not an Insider subscriber? Click here to become one today.

Among the exciting exclusives coming to Star Wars Celebration Chicago later this month, is thrilled to announce a convention exclusive variant cover of Star Wars Insider issue #189!

On sale in Chicago, the latest edition of the fan-favorite magazine includes two never-before-scene covers designed by artist Karen Hallion. The choice is yours — pick the light side and opt for an illustration featuring scavenger-turned-warrior Rey, or choose the dark side and pick up a copy featuring the First Order’s new supreme leader Kylo Ren.

“2019 is such a momentous year for Star Wars, especially with Episode IX bringing the Skywalker Saga to a close,” says Star Wars Insider editor Christopher Cooper. “We wanted to commemorate the occasion with some very special covers for our latest issue—exclusive to Star Wars Celebration!”