Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Star Tots Are Back

As part of today’s assortment of Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 updates, we’ve learned that the extremely popular (and highly collectible) Star Tots line will be returning for those who attend each of the panels scheduled for the Collector’s Stage. There will be a total of 20 different Star Tots to collect (one for each of the 20 collecting panels). We have our first look at four of the designs which you can check out right here.

Monday tickets for Celebration (priced at $75 each) are still available as of the time of this posting. The 5-day event, which is a first for Celebration, will be held April 11-15 at the McCormick Place convention center.

The Star Wars Collectors’ Stage, located in Room W474, will feature panels by expert collectors around the world during all 5 days of Star Wars Celebration. The panel topics and schedule will be announced shortly. In keeping with the tradition of the Collecting Track, there is an extra-special bonus for collectors who attend the panels. For every panel held throughout the show on the Collectors Stage, each attendee (to the capacity of the room) will receive an exclusive Star Tot, created and sponsored by collectors for Star Wars Celebration Chicago. There are 20 Star Tots in total for 20 different collecting panels.