The official site has been updated today with a list of Star Wars authors who will be attending Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019:

Jeffrey Brown
Katie Cook
Delilah Dawson
Alexander Freed
Timothy Zahn
Claudia Gray
Cavan Scott

Sunday and Monday tickets to Celebration are still available at $75 a piece, so secure yours tickets for either of those days before they are completely extinguished.

Guest authors and artists will include: Timothy Zahn, author of Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances; Delilah Dawson, who penned Star Wars: Phasma; Claudia Gray, whose titles include the forthcoming Star Wars: Master & Apprentice, Katie Cook, illustrator and co-author of Star Wars: Search Your Feelings; Alexander Freed, author of the upcoming Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron; Cavan Scott, author of Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space; and Jeffrey Brown, whose titles include the Darth Vader and Family Coloring Book.