Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019: Diorama Builders First Preview Tutorial

Our good friend Frank Diorio of the Diorama Workshop wants to share the first preview tutorial from Scarif; over to Frank….

FIRST PREVIEW TUTORIAL from our Star Wars Celebration Chicago Battle of Scarif Diorama Builders workshop.

Watch how the fans will build the Scarif Palm Tree at the convention next month. And if you buy the dollar store materials, you could start building it at home RIGHT NOW !!!

Practice if you are coming to the show or if you can’t make it, build them for your personal diorama display.

SCALE IS FFG STAR WARS LEGION FIGURES (as will be used at Celebration – 3.75″ Hasbro scale will be made available after the convention)

Enjoy and share your results if you try to make one !!!

Have Fun !!! Frank 🙂

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