SDCC 2019: Recap of ILMxLAB’s Panel, Vader Immortal: Episode II Details & Concept Art

Head on over to for their recap of the “Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars Stories” panel that took place on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con which includes details and concept artwork for the upcoming sequel Vader Immortal – Episode II virtual reality experience.

A collection of six new Vader Immortal – Episode I character posters was revealed right before SDCC officially kicked off.

For more on ILMxLAB’s Vader Immortal, point your browser here.

If Vader Immortal – Episode I was a first step into a larger world, then Episode II will be a full-fledged leap.

In Vader Immortal – Episode I, the first installment of ILMxLAB’s immersive VR experience, players find themselves captured by the Empire and taken to Mustafar, where they come face-to-face with Darth Vader — and eventually wield a lightsaber. It’s a Star Wars experience like no other. In your ship, you can look at Star Destroyers passing above, manipulate controls and switches, and, if you dare, reach out and touch that strange small creature (and this writer jumped back when it tried to bite); when Vader walks into your personal space, you stand guarded and nervously at attention; and igniting a lightsaber and deflecting stormtrooper blaster bolts provides a fantasy fulfillment rarely achieved in interactive storytelling. It’s something any Star Wars would love and should get the chance to try.

At the surprising conclusion of Episode I, Vader promises to instruct the player in the ways of the Force, as they aid the Sith Lord in his search for an ancient artifact.

Episode II will deliver on that promise, as seen in the artwork below, revealed last week during ILMxLAB’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con.