SDCC 2019: Hasbro Breakfast Gallery & Report with Author Adam Bray

Whenever I’ve attended San Diego Comic-Con in the past, I would often hear the toy bloggers and podcasters mention the Hasbro breakfast in conversation. I never actually knew what the breakfast was all about, but I knew I wanted to attend one, regardless.

Thanks to Hasbro and Jedi News, I had the honor of attending my first Hasbro breakfast on Thursday at Comic-Con. I was among other media professionals that all focus on toys. It was held in a high-rise suite downtown, not far from the convention. The delightfully catered breakfast adjoined a small showroom displaying upcoming items from the company’s most popular lines, including Marvel Legends, My Little Pony, Transformers, Overwatch, Magic: The Gathering, and of course, Star Wars.

The Star Wars items were not exactly new—all had been recently revealed, including the Black Series Rebel X-wing pilot helmet, a battalion of red Sith Troopers (from The Rise of Skywalker) and their many weapons, the SDCC-exclusive 3.75in Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker 3-pack, and the new super-real Darth Vader figure. Presumably, the new reveals yet-to-come at SDCC are all tie-ins to the upcoming movie, and perhaps The Mandalorian Disney+ streaming series and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game coming from EA. They are most certainly under embargo from Disney, though a few are rumored to be revealed at the Hasbro panel on Friday.

I did ask Hasbro reps a couple of questions during the breakfast I brought up the fact that Amazon Star Wars orders have a tendency to arrive damaged due to being shipped in relatively unprotected envelopes rather than boxes. I asked whether the upcoming Emperor Palpatine exclusive figure might be shipped in a Hasbro mailer box for added protection, as a few other exclusives have been shipped in the past. Though uncertain of the plans for that release, Hasbro reps seemed interested and receptive to the idea.

I also asked whether the upcoming Black Series #100 figure might be announced at the con—and I noted the custom 6in-scale rancor they created for Hasbro’s convention diorama would be a fine choice. Hasbro reps were playfully coy regarding plans for figure #100–which suggested to me that the much-anticipated  announcement is immanent at the con.

The breakfast ended with a delightful swag bag of Hasbro product samples, including somewhat random picks of recent Black Series figures. I came away with a favorite—the new Battle Droid. You can never have to many of these beautifully-crafted droids!

Many thanks to Jedi News and Hasbro for a lovely morning!

Brian Sims
I am a credentialed photojournalist and classically trained photographer working out of Southern California. My inspiration in photography has always come from the idea of protecting a memory. Capturing that moment that tells a story to share and look back on long after fleeting moments have passed. None of my fandom memories are more special to me than my memories from a galaxy far far away. From that summer day in 1977 at the Mercy Theater to whatever the latest Star Wars events are today, my Star Wars fandom has been that special place I return to for a smile, hours of enjoyment and the best friends in the galaxy. Follow along as I share pictures of anything Star Wars with you here at Jedi News.