Sand World, Weymouth – ‘Star Wars’ Sculptures

Anyone who has visited the seaside town of Weymouth will have undoubtedly have seen the sand art on the sea front. In 2011 the original sand man’s family decided to set up a permanent site to demonstrate the art that Fred Darrington had displayed on the seafront for 70 years. Over the years I have seen amazing sculptures depicting Neptune, beautiful tributes to the fallen of the two world wars and off course tribute to the 2012 Olympics.

Last weekend I received the heads up that in this collection of art there was now a tribute to a galaxy far, far away. So, looking for something to kill a few bank holiday weekend hours I headed to Weymouth with my two young daughters. Kids love playing in the sand and here they had an opportunity to play and learn the skills and techniques demonstrated in the larger sculptures.

Wandering around the feature pieces you see television favourites such as Paddington bear alongside beautiful sculptures of lions and tigers and an impressive piece for the Marvel Heroes. For me the best was at the back of the hall and the large Star Wars display. There is a beautifully crafted depiction of Artoo and Threepio, the Millennium Falcon battling TIE Fighters and many characters from the new trilogy.

Seeing this amazing work there were obvious missing parts and characters, but as I discovered this piece is still evolving and the sculptors Wilfred Stiger and Edith Van De Wettering will continue to add to it. So, if over the summer you happen to be in Weymouth pop along and have a look to see what is on display and to have ago at sculpting yourself.

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