Sandra Jackson-Dumont Named Director and CEO of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has a new director and CEO as Sandra Jackson-Dumont has been selected for both of these roles, we have learned via the LA Times. Check out the intro to the LA Times article posted below and then take the supplied source link for the full read.

The suspense has been mounting for months: Who will helm filmmaker George Lucas’ $1-billion art museum under construction in Los Angeles?

On Wednesday the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art announced Sandra Jackson-Dumont as its new director and chief executive officer. She comes to L.A. from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, where since 2014 she has headed education and public programs.

Realizing the Lucas Museum as an “innovative place of relevance and inspiration” is top of mind, Jackson-Dumont said in an interview.

“Museums often times feel at arms length from the public, and so much of the work that I’ve done either as a curator or as a programmer or as an administrator has been about, how do we make museums relevant and engaging and mean something to people’s everyday lives?” she said. “Those can be inspiring connections — sometimes they’re comfortable, sometimes they’re uncomfortable — and I think that the objects that are in this amazing collection speak to opportunities to connect to visual storytelling in ways that make people really have discussions. So I’m excited about that.”

For more on this upcoming Los Angeles-based museum that is slated to open to the public sometime in 2022, point your browser here.

Justin LaSalata
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