Recap of LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

Yesterday we were pleased to bring you the official LEGO announcement and accompanying photos of the new 1,768-piece Tantive IV set (75244) that will be available for collectors to pick up next month on May 3. LEGO also held a special panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 to commemorate 20 years of building sets from the GFFA. The official site provides us with a recap from that panel via this update.

Not only does 2019 mark the 20th anniversary of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Celebration, but that of LEGO Star Wars, as well. A full playset of LEGO Star Wars creators assembled on the Galaxy Stage at Star Wars Celebration Chicago to share reminiscences, insights, and a couple brand-new announcements. Here’s what we learned.